Balms 100% Natural Vapour Rub

This is our 100% natural vapour rub


Everyone has used a vapour rub to relieve the symptoms of a cold, what we offer is a completely natural version made from beeswax, carrier oils and essential oils. The main ingredient in the majority of vapour rubs in petroleum jelly which is made up from a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. We believe in removing all petroleum based products from our recipes and have replaced it with what is known as un-petroleum jelly, so that you can be sure that only natural products are used.

When those bugs block up your nose you can now turn to our all natural vapour rub. I has been designed with a large percentage of menthol to relieve blocked passages so that you can breathe more easily. It helps you feel unblocked and enables a good nights sleep.

Use as a decongestant as and when required: Apply by rubbing on skin around the nose, mouth, chest and neck. As you breathe in the vapour you will begin to feel relaxed as you can breathe more easily.



Warning: Even though all of our ingredients are natural we still recommend performing a discreet skin test before using any of our beauty products. This can be done by rubbing a small amount of the product on a piece of skin and leave for a period of time to see if a reaction occurs.


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