About Balms By Earthy Roots

Balms is part of a group of brands by Earthy Roots.

We produce a range of homemade products and pride ourselves on quality. We aim to create natural solutions to cosmetics. We are strongly against animal testing, None of our products are tested in that way.

Balms has been developed as an offshoot of our Bees! brand. It all begun with the problem that many beekeepers have which is excess amounts of beeswax lying around. We soon decided that we wanted to use all the wax and create new product ranges. First we developed a range of beeswax lip balms, we had such positive feedback on the product that we decided to be more creative with our ingredients. After many hours of making and using our friends to test our products we had created Balms.

All our products are made in Peterborough and are produced to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). GMP is concerned with both production and quality control.

All of our products are safety assessed and a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is created before they are put on sale, meeting all current EU standards set out in EU Regulations EC No 1223/2009 (Previously EU Cosmetics Directive). The 2013 Regulations require that all products are micro-biologically (Preservative Efficacy Test) and Stability tested before the Cosmetic Product Safety Report can be made. Therefore we can be and you can be sure that our products are safe.

Although all of our products are tested rigorously we cannot be sure that in individual cases reactions may occur due to an ingredient used within one of our products. In order to prevent this scenario we request that you perform a small skin test before applying any of our products especially to large or sensitive areas.

Our products include lip balm, lip shine, muscle and vapour rubs. At Balms we are always looking to develop or product range. Sign up to our newsletter and mailing list to keep up to date with this and any further developments.