About Bees! By Earthy Roots

Bees! is part of a group of brands by Earthy Roots.

We have been beekeeping for nearly ten years it is a fulfilling and unpredictable hobby, it involves keeping to a schedule of checking the hives for problems and diseases. It has been a truly unique experience allowing us to understand nature from a new perspective. It opens your eyes to the importance of bees and how many crops rely on the humble insect.

We take pride in our job as beekeepers and are passionate about the field, we take the upmost care of our bees inspecting them at least once a week during the season to ensure healthy hives and to monitor and prevent swarming. also to ensure large enough honey stores are being produced.

Our queens are marked according to the year and replace them on average every three years to promote healthy and productive colonies.

We use mainly the British National Hive and Commercial Hives but do have two Smith hives. Our bees are protected using varora mesh floors and make these and many of the other parts ourselves.

Our products include honey, cut comb honey, beeswax and propolis. At Bees! we are always looking to develop or product range and will be releasing a range of lip balms in the not to distant future, sign up to our newsletter and mailing list to keep up to date with this and any further developments.