Where Our Bees Live!

Bees! is part of Earthy Roots and they currently have one apiary.

Even more about our bees location

We currently have one apiary located outside of Glatton near Peterborough. We are currently looking for new sites for new apiaries to be located if you know of any within the Peterborough area please contact us.

The land the apiary is sited in is used as part of a small hold and currently has sheep grazing on it. It has an abundance of wild flowers due to the neighbours previously using their field for the production of cut flowers for sale. There is also a huge diversity in types of blackberries, sloes as well as wild roses that grow along the hedgerows of the surrounding fields. Due to the use of the land for sheep thistles are allowed to grow and flower, various different types of nettle as well as buttercups and daisies. The land surrounding the apiary is used to grow a large range of crops including oil seed rape.

We are currently in talks about setting up a second apiary in the village of Water Newton. This site if all goes well will be set up in the early summer.