The History of Earthy Roots

Find out more about past developments of Earthy Roots.

About Us

Earthy Roots started as a concept of bringing fresh vegetables from local producers straight to customers doors. This initial concept has evolved and broadened to bring our customers a range of natural products developed by ourselves under a range of brands.

Our Creations

The aim of has been created to allow our customers easy access to our brands whether you want to buy from us or just find out more.

Bees! - Our first brand has been developed from our passion for beekeeping. We have now been beekeeping for nearly 10 years and have now gained knowledge and experience to expand the operation from an enjoyable pastime to a business.

Balms - This is our range of natural cosmetic products, initially developed under the bees! brand we wanted to develop a range of 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balms. This soon expanded to cover other ranges such as body bars and massage bars.

Jars - COMING SOON! This is our brand for our range of preserves, chutneys, jams and pickles. Developed in house with natural ingredients.